What is “home” for you?

Want to discover your own sense of belonging? Share where you feel most at home or what you need to feel at home. Think about the feeling "home" evokes and take it from there.

Two fun and easy ways to contribute:

Simply share your story

1. Take a picture of you where you feel most at home.

2. Record or write an explanation

3. Send it to us: info (at)

4. Sign up to our newsletter to see the results.

More fun

1. Prepare a piece of paper and some crayons, pens or other colours you like to use.

2. Sit down, relax, take a deep breath and close your eyes.

3. Keep breathing slowly and deeply.

4. Think of "home" and indulge in the emotions that come up.

5. After a moment or two of exploring these feelings think of a symbol and draw that in the middle of your paper.

6. Continue expanding from that symbol using your intuition. Don't try to make it look good or achieve a certain level of drawing as this doesn't matter.

7. Continue until you feel the picture is complete.

8. Write or record yourself describing and explaining the picture.

9. Send the results to: info (at)

10. Sign up to our newsletter below to see the results.