A Sense of Home: Stories of Objects

paintingMoving about between different rented rooms, there are certain objects that I shall unpack first and place around that establish, for me, my sense of home in a place that is at once anonymous and yet pregnant with the lives of the people who have come before me.

When I was an undergraduate I worked in a local cafe bar and independent, along with a group of other people about my age. It wasn’t just the job, but our mutual interests in cinema and music that established our friendships in an out of the workplace. It was a time when we all seemed to have a sense of being ‘in’ time, with no longing for the past nor anxiety about the future. Everything that we wanted seemed to be in our grasp. So when Lotti and I felt like dressing up and playing records for fun, we felt like it was something worth doing somewhere where others would enjoy it too. So we started a little series of events called “Bonjour Lamour” with themes inspired by imagery from various eras in the history of film and photography. These were hardly nostalgic affairs, as neither of us longed to live in another time, but they were a longing to live in our imaginations. One evening we organised was a circus theme inspired by photographs and posters from the 19th and early 20th century. This painting that Lotti made of the two of us as ringleaders is based memories of that evening and I keep it on my wall to remind me of a time in my life when I my concerns were only with the present and what I could make of it- a time when I felt at home in myself.