Beautiful Surroundings

I took the attached picture today at Regent’s Park shortly after mid day when i went for a walk. It was quite warm for that part of the hour, or even this time of the year that i even managed to sit next to a small lake and watch the geese, doves and other birds swoop down low on the lake , then playfully fly away.
I looked at the geese swimming leisurely, without a hurry or worry and i thought how lucky they are to live a life without having to worry about the things that people panic about. Things like jobs, mortgages, ungrateful bosses, finances, sickness, debts, and all the baggage that comes with people deciding to join the proverbial Rat Race.
I sat there comfortably for probably half an hour or more and if it wasn’t for the cold weather, i might have stayed there and read a book or just looked at the birds, trees, lake and flowers. So it’s really true that many people feel so much at home when they are closer to nature.

A few metres from me were people smoking their cigarettes and chatting on the park benches. Joggers were running casually through the park and a few walkers were snapping away on their cameras, taking shots of anything that interested them.
Everyone in the park seemed so relaxed, so unhurried and at peace with the world. They seemed like they had all the time in the world! It’s amazing what effect nature can have on most of us.

Five minutes away is Baker Street and when i walked there, it was entirely a different story; People walking briskly to get the bus or tube, motorbikes racing past, delivery vans honking, cyclists making their way in and out of motor traffic. It seemed like everyone was running late!
It quickly rubbed off on me, I found myself walking so fast to get on the escalator just like everyone else.
On the crowded platforms, people shoved each other to get on, without waiting for passengers aboard trying to get off.
Once aboard, almost everyone was engaged with their cellphones either playing games or reading emails.
Others were reading The Evening Standard and i glimpsed the frontpage headlines: “Exposed: Crooks Who owe Britain £600m” and Two Murdoch reporters considering suicide.
I could never compare the Baker Street and tube experience to the “park experience”. It would be unfair.
I rather be surrounded by nature than by trains, escalators and technology. I feel totally at home in a quiet, green and natural environment. It brings out the best in me.(click on image to enlarge!)