Home is not where the objects are

Since doing Veronica’s survey both in draft and in final form, I have been thinking about what makes home, and I have begun to realize that for me it is not about objects. I think this has probably become even more so since digitisation. The only objects I really ‘care’ about are my bike, and my books. Everything else seems replaceable – I would have included LPs, and CD’s but since using Spotify even they seem replaceable. Clothes, ornaments and ‘pretty things’ I like but basically they are all replaceable. So my sense of home therefore comes down to spaces, people and books and a general sense of having my things around me.

What helped me thing about this is, if, god forbid, there was a fire, what would I need to grab before I go? The answer really now is no longer very much – it would have been photos but now they are in the cloud. Even my phone is just a thing which can be replaced. So home is people, spaces and being surrounded by your things

One thought on “Home is not where the objects are

  1. Veronika

    Thanks Kevin for this contribution!
    In all my moves I also found that at the end, the only thing that really matters are the people!
    It is very interesting how a shift from things to virtual things and networks actually changes our sense of home and attachment! As for your phone, the phone itself or a computer is replaceable, but if all your contacts were gone (and you couldn’t easily get them back) and you would be restricted in the possibility to contact them with your phone or computer, it would feel very different.