home is our hermitage

I like this blog and wanted to contribute with my thoughts.

Just during these festive days of Christmas I thought about “home”. I spent some time with my family in my country and realized that I actually felt less at home than in the room I share with my girlfriend.
It is difficult to define the word “home” and it is difficult to find your own stability, the place of your family isn’t enough, it also requires a hermitage, a circle of friends, people who you like to feel at home. This at least is how I define home.

Another thought that I had a few Fridays ago when I joined my Croatian friend for a Gypsy party. I saw their happiness when dancing their traditional dance, holding each other at their arms. For some people it is necessary to live their tradition, even only for an evening.

I hope I have actively contributed to this blog with my thoughts.
Until soon!

[I hope this translation properly represents your thoughts! Looking forward to hear more!]